Mobile Photo Capture with FiNDnet Enterprise!

Protect your ground operation

  • Introducing mobile photo capture for FiNDnet Enterprise!

    Capture aircraft condition instantly with FiNDnet Mobile and say goodbye to claims for pre-existing damage.

    Secure your operation and protect your ground crews against unjust damage claims with picture evidence, captured at the point of first contact. Build a foolproof evidence chain with photos from every stage of your turnaround.

    Document damaged doors, loose cargo, missing locking pins, un-secured hold nets – anything required by your airline customers or standard operating procedures. FiNDnet Mobile captures it all.

    Instant access for the back office and control centre means you can react to incidents faster. Prevent future disputes and streamline operations with FiNDnet Enterprise.

    FiNDnet Enterprise – your workforce, connected!

Mobile photo capture, stored directly against the flight, is transformational for ground handlers looking to document and audit aircraft condition.

Paul BrutonProduct Manager, Damarel

The FiNDnet Suite – enterprise-class turn management for ground handlers.

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