Airport Passenger Security

Are long queues at security checkpoints causing headaches for your airport? Want to improve passenger service and take advantage of the self-service revolution? Look no further than Vanguard.

Our innovative system is designed to automatically scan and validate airline passenger boarding cards at outbound security control points, reducing queuing times and improving overall airport efficiency. With Vanguard, you’ll secure the landside/airside boundary and gain real-time operational insights that can help drive your business forward.

Vanguard offers full support for IATA 2D bar codes and self-service e-gates, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing security and delivering a seamless passenger experience. Plus, with its ability to read and validate boarding passes, Vanguard frees up agents at control points to focus on other critical tasks, such as image capturing and security profiling.

Don’t let long security queues and manual processes hold back your airport. Embrace the future of passenger service with Vanguard

Advanced Features

Vanguard’s advanced features include: separate international and domestic channels, biometric enrolment and verification checks, as well as read-only touch points.

Business Intelligence

Vanguard centrally records the details of every boarding pass scanned at each location. All the details collected can be easily exported to enable detailed analysis of passenger flows within your own Business Intelligence systems.

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  • Features

    1. Designed to meet new airline and regulatory authority requirements
    2. Supports all modern document types, including IATA 2D barcodes and ATB2
    3. Can be integrated with AODB/FIDS systems and DCS
    4. Full audit trail and history reporting
    5. Passenger flow analysis, dashboards and Business Intelligence
  • Benefits

    1. Instant ‘Go/No Go’ decision reduces human error and speeds passenger throughput
    2. Biometric registration for Common Travel Areas
    3. Enables checkpoint automation and passenger self-scanning gates
    4. Business intelligence reports on passenger flow, dwell-time and route through airport
    5. Scalable solution - from the smallest regional airport through to the busiest international airport
    6. Can be used standalone or with an existing CUTE/CUPPS platform