Airport Common Use System

Looking for an affordable Common Use system that can maximize your airport’s capacity without breaking the bank? Look no further than Aura. Our innovative solution is the most cost-effective Common Use system available, making it the ideal choice for small and medium-sized regional airports.

With Aura, you can say goodbye to costly construction and proprietary CUTE/CUPPS systems that are designed for much larger airports. Instead, our secure network of airport Common Use equipment replaces your dedicated airline check-in and gate facilities, resulting in better space utilisation, simpler scheduling, and a higher return on investment.

Your airlines, passengers, and ground handlers will all benefit from modern facilities and reduced congestion, while you’ll enjoy lower support costs, simplified system management, and the use of off-the-shelf components. And thanks to our virtualisation and private cloud hosting capabilities, you’ll get the power, scalability, reliability, and performance you need at a fraction of the cost of traditional CUTE/CUPPS systems.

If you’re looking for a complete turn-key solution, Damarel has over 20 years of experience in supplying Common Use platforms and applications. Pair Aura with our class-leading passenger and flight handling solutions to step up your airport’s complete, fully integrated automation. Don’t let costs hold you back – choose Aura for a more affordable, streamlined approach to Common Use

Contact us now to see how Aura can transform your airport with simple, modern Common Use.

  • Features

    1. Enables the use of low-cost equipment – thin client workstations, GPPs, BCRs
    2. Unique Zero Integration Platform (ZIP) supports legacy airline CUTE and CUPPS applications quickly and easily
    3. Collects all the information required for accurate re-charging and Business Intelligence
    4. For new airlines, simply connect your host, configure and set up security
    5. Support for full range of Damarel's class leading passenger and ground handling systems
    6. Advanced system security and access control to protect your facility
  • Benefits

    1. Fully hosted (SaaS) solution gives you a fast install and a simplified IT strategy
    2. Affordable alternative to expensive CUTE/CUPPS networks
    3. Increased airport revenues through system leasing to airlines and ground handlers
    4. Very low total cost of ownership and flexible financing
    5. Secure, scalable platform that grows with your airport
    6. Integrated Business Intelligence for full operational visibility and analysis