FiNDnet Dashboards

Business Intelligence for Ground Handlers

As a manager of ground handling operations, you want to see what is going on across the business at a glance. Why wait for the occasional spreadsheet when you can get an accurate view of your operation any time?

FiNDnet Dashboards, part of the FiNDnet Suite, provides the leaders of ground handling organisations a Business Intelligence tool for presenting highly visual overviews at the operational, management and financial level.

The task of reporting is traditionally very manual with data being taken from a range of sources. This information is then manipulated and presented in spreadsheets. How much time and cost could you save by automating this process? Imagine the strategic and operational goals that could be achieved by not spending hours on time-consuming reports.

  • Ground Handling management is a wide and demanding role. You are often responsible for any number of deliverables at one time: strategic direction, safety, people management, achieving operational KPIs, performance improvements, quality management processes, maintaining and improving customer experience and of course reporting on all of this. Do you have the tools you need to deliver everything the way you would like to? Are you a slave to spreadsheets and outdated technology when it comes to reporting up key business intelligence?

    The best leaders understand and predict the future and this can make the difference between a successful or struggling organisation. You could have the power to grow or save your business in the numbers but never see it. A picture can be worth a thousand words.

Your operational data could soon be at your fingertips. No two organisations are the same. We’ll make sure you have the key dashboards you need to really start controlling your business.

Contact us now to find out how to make it happen.

  • Features

    1. Operational metrics & KPIs, carrier trends, financial performance
    2. At a glance charts with multi-layer drill down capabilities
    3. Print or email charts for meetings and colleagues
    4. Browser based – view anywhere over the web
    5. Key, bespoke charts can be set up to suit your business
  • Benefits

    1. Immediate access to an overview of your business
    2. Make better management decisions with accurate information
    3. Work smarter and save time – get more strategic work done
    4. Use data to predict future trends and intervene at the right time
    5. Give the board exactly what they need but don’t spend days and hours doing it