The FiNDnet Suite

Revolutionise your Ground Handling Operation

Ground Handling Evolved: Introducing FiNDnet Enterprise, the Future is Now!

Ready to transform your ground handling operations? Look no further than FiNDnet Enterprise, next generation turn management, service capture and billing.

What’s New?

  • Unleash the Power of Mobility: Our comprehensive mobile platform empowers your team to capture service data and manage turnarounds with ease, right at the ramp.
  • Fast and Accurate Invoicing: Reduce your overheads and improve your returns with automated billing direct from your contract.
  • Unprecedented Visibility & Control: Powerful new features deliver real-time insights, helping you make data-driven decisions, optimise resource use, and deliver exceptional service consistently.
  • Effortless Efficiency: FiNDnet Enterprise seamlessly automates your entire ground handling workflow, from scheduling to billing. Eliminate manual processes, boost efficiency, and unlock new levels of productivity.
  • FiNDnet Enterprise is more than just software – it’s a complete ecosystem for success.

Join the ground handling revolution. Request a free demo today and discover how FiNDnet Enterprise can take your business to new heights!

  • Operational Database

    FiNDnet Operations – plan, coordinate and monitor your Ground Handling Operation in real-time.

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  • Service Capture

    FiNDnet Services – capture all chargeable services at the point of delivery for increased revenues (‘service to cash’).

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  • Billing

    FiNDnet Billing – boost returns with a comprehensive solution for efficient, accurate and timely billing.

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  • Staff & Resource Allocation

    FiNDnet Resources – simplify your resource allocation and improve productivity. Demand based planning driven by engagement standards.

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  • Mobile Workforce

    FiNDnet Mobile – improve SLA performance and resource utilisation through better communication.

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  • Dashboards

    FiNDnet Dashboards – work smarter with immediate access to real-time Business Intelligence.

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  • Demand Planning

    FiNDnet Demand Planning – set appropriate staffing levels with a detailed and accurate view of resource demands.

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  • Stop Revenue Leakage

    Studies show that by correctly billing for all ground handling services you can boost revenues by at least 3% – 5%, and often much more. This is a significant amount in an industry with traditionally low margins and can be the difference between profit and loss.

    Ground Handling companies do a fantastic job in a very challenging, dynamic environment. The FiNDnet Suite makes sure you’re properly rewarded, with comprehensive operations management, service recording, SLA reporting and billing automation tools.

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  • Access from anywhere, anytime

    Get access to the core operational data from any device, anywhere at anytime.

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  • Hosted in the cloud

    The FiNDnet suite is a centrally hosted, multi-station, modular solution providing facilities to both manage the operation and achieve accurate and timely billing.

    The suite’s modular nature enables Damarel to provide targeted solutions from the outset, with the scope for expansion as your business grows.

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