Airline Passenger Boarding Solution

Embark is the world’s foremost airline passenger boarding system, providing rapid and secure gate handling to airlines around the globe.

Embark will improve your entire gate operation – enhancing security, removing manual checks and speeding up passenger processing.

Easy to use, Embark presents a simple GUI to the agent regardless of the airline DCS. Training time is reduced to a matter of minutes. With our class-leading reconciliation technology you can also be sure that the airline DCS is completely up-to-date.

  • Embark not only makes gate operations more efficient, it also enables the use of the latest passenger self-service technology. With full support for Self-Boarding Gates (SBG), including unattended modes, you can speed up boarding and give your passengers the flexibility they want.

    Damarel has been providing automated boarding solutions for more than 20 years. With installations at over 130 airports worldwide, supporting over 50 carriers and processing hundreds of millions of passengers every year, you can be sure that Embark is the right solution for you.

    Contact us now to see how Embark can transform your gate operation.

  • Features

    1. Real-time passenger validation for improved on-time performance
    2. Class leading host DCS reconciliation technology
    3. Supports the full range of devices for reading boarding passes including hand-held scanners (LSRs), boarding gate readers (BGRs) and Self Boarding Gates (SBGs)
    4. Certified on all major CUTE / CUPPS platforms (including ARINC and SITA)
    5. Integrates with Damarel’s companion Babel CLF system and EMBARKmobile
    6. Comprehensive boarding and performance reports
    7. Offline mode for Business Continuity
    8. Data housed across corporate WAN or on airport LAN
  • Benefits

    1. Instant Board/No Board decisions, checking API and Selectee data
    2. Significantly cuts boarding time with instant Board / No Board decisions
    3. Reduces staffing levels and increases flexibility
    4. Fully supports Self Boarding Gates (SBGs) for passenger self-boarding including unattended operation (Modes E and G)
    5. Better security and accuracy – improves API compliance
    6. No additional hardware required – low deployment costs
    7. Mobile version available - EMBARKmobile
    8. Unaffected by DCS outages