Mobile Airline Boarding

EMBARKmobile is the truly portable solution for automated airline passenger boarding from Damarel.

With EMBARKmobile, ground handlers and airlines use standard smartphones and tablets to reduce the dependence on costly fixed gate equipment and Common Use infrastructure. Your agents simply scan and validate passenger documents for simple, secure boarding. EMBARKmobile also automatically updates the airline DCS with live details of who has boarded the aircraft and helps ensure On Time Departures.

EMBARKmobile makes your boarding process faster, more accurate and portable – gate agents simply take it to wherever they need it. With a simple and intuitive interface requiring minimal training, you can reduce the boarding time of each and every passenger by valuable seconds – which all adds up.

EMBARKmobile is fully compatible with modern, mobile 2D barcode readers and with Damarel’s L-DCS and Embark products. A truly cost effective mobile technology solution.

Whatever image you currently have – or want to have – being more efficient and helping your customers is something every brand aspires to.

Mobile technology can help you achieve that.

Contact us now to see how EMBARKmobile can boost your gate capacity and improve customer service.

  • Features

    1. The solution is fast, secure and can be used with an array of equipment such as Apple or Android devices
    2. Compatible with modern, mobile 2D barcode readers
    3. Fully compatible with Damarel's L-DCS and Embark products
  • Benefits

    1. Reduces dependence on fixed gate equipment and on Common Use infrastructure
    2. Replaces manual passenger verification with live details of who has boarded the aircraft
    3. Boarding gate agents simply carry the device to where they're needed next, helping to accurately match resource with demand
    4. The simple and intuitive interface takes vital seconds off the boarding process
    5. Requires minimal training and support from lead agents and supervisors