FiNDnet Shift Optimiser

Demand Driven Shifts for Ground Handlers

NEWSFLASH – all-new FiNDnet Shift Optimiser is released! Increase productivity, reduce costs and improve staff engagement.

Staff are your best and most costly asset and efficient planning makes a huge difference to financial performance. Realise your potential with FiNDnet Shift Optimiser, the easiest way to calculate optimised shift patterns for your staff. 

  • FiNDnet Shift Optimiser replaces manually intensive systems used to calculate staffing requirements with a fast, integrated and automated solution. 

    Resource demand data, driven by airline schedules and engagement standards, are seamlessly transferred from FiNDnet Demand Planning so you can quickly produce optimised shift patterns for all resources, at all stations, for any period

    Boost your staff productivity and engagement through smarter shifts. The right resources at the right time to meet your airline commitments.

    Simple, fast and efficient, FiNDnet Shift Optimiser helps you maximise the potential of your staff. 

Contact us now to find out how FiNDnet Shift Optimiser can help you organise your resources.  

  • Features

    1. Clear Demand, Coverage and Efficiency metrics so you can tune your final profile
    2. Fast calculation of optimised shift patterns to meet the demand
    3. Easy to understand on-screen summary of the demand and shift patterns per resource/per day
    4. Formatted exports to drive 3rd party rostering and allocation systems
    5. A powerful FiNDnet add-on that replaces the need for bespoke Excel-based solutions and dramatically reduces the overhead for generating optimised shift patterns
  • Benefits

    1. Cost savings – stop overstaffing
    2. Take pressure off busy operations – stop understaffing
    3. Accuracy – match shifts to demand with higher accuracy
    4. Easy-to-use, requiring little or no training or specific skills
    5. Clear, visual overview of shift patterns based on real flight demand
    6. Significant time savings – no need to manually build shift patterns on spreadsheets