Babel CLF

Airline Common Language Facility

Babel is the most flexible, powerful and widely supported Graphical User Interface for airline DCS passenger check-in available today.

With support for over 50 airlines on a huge variety of systems, Babel provides a simple Common Language Facility that replaces traditional cryptic green screen emulators with a Windows® interface that is effortless to use.

  • Whether you need a GUI to simplify your operations, or a CLF to enable cross-training over multiple airline systems, Babel provides the tools to empower your agents.

    By guiding the check-in agent through the common tasks with simple menus, buttons and displays, Babel reduces errors, speeds up check-in and allows agents to concentrate on delivering a superior customer service. Training costs are drastically reduced!

    Simplify your passengers services. Contact us now to see how Babel can help.

  • Features

    1. Installed in over 150 airports worldwide
    2. Babel supports access to many different host systems simultaneously
    3. Simple key strokes give access to major functions
    4. Supports native airline DCS entry for experienced agents
    5. Easy document printing and includes on-demand bag tags
    6. Supports all modern peripheral devices
    7. Built-in support for MATIP and Direct IP connections
  • Benefits

    1. Makes cross training agents easy and greatly simplifies rostering problems
    2. Speeds up check-in and bag drop times and drastically reduces agent mistakes
    3. Certified for use on all the major Common Use platforms, including SITA and ARINC
    4. Reduces training requirements and increases staff flexibility
    5. Easy to use and intuitive Graphical User Interface
    6. Babel allows the user to tailor the solution to their exact requirements