FiNDnet Demand Planning

Schedule Driven Resource Planning

Ground Handling managers need to be able to predict where their business is going to set appropriate staffing levels and cover the operational demand.

Avoiding the wasted cost of overstaffing can be a challenge, while understaffing can have a serious impact on your ability to deliver on your contracts. It is crucial to have access to statistical information about staff hours and shifts at your fingertips. Business leaders should not be spending time creating and manipulating complex spreadsheets and reports.

  • The Demand Planning module matches projected requirements with resources. Managers can make an informed business case for the resources they need backed up by accurate information.

    FiNDnet Demand Planning combines the seasonal schedules with the carrier provided engagement standards (task and resource requirements) to provide a detailed and accurate view of resource demands. The system covers all skill sets and resources, so you can accurately set the appropriate levels.

Understand the direction of your organisation and take control of your valuable resources with FiNDnet Demand Planning, part of the FiNDnet Suite.

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  • Features

    1. Matches projected, future requirements with resources
    2. Combines seasonal schedules with carrier provided engagement standards
    3. Can be broken down by 10 minute intervals
  • Benefits

    1. Avoids wasted cost of overstaffing
    2. Access to statistical staffing information
    3. Make business case for resources with accurate information
    4. Less time working on spreadsheets