FiNDnet Operations

Operational Database for Ground Handlers

FiNDnet Operations delivers incredibly powerful aircraft turn management for ground handlers. It gives you immediate visibility of  your operation, boosts On Time Performance and reduces overheads.

The right automation tools help modern ground handlers deliver profitable, high quality services to their airline clients. FiNDnet centralises, processes and distributes all flight movement and activity information to keep you in control. Plan, coordinate and monitor your aircraft turnaround process in real-time, with accurate, live data.

  • Do you want to streamline your ground handling processes, provide better communication and improve On Time Performance? FiNDnet Operations will help you achieve your goals.

    FiNDnet Operations consolidates real-time flight information from multiple feeds to provide you with a live view of your daily flight program. Active displays show the latest movement details to each department and keep all staff up to date. FiNDnet improves communication, removes manual intervention and releases staff for other tasks.

In the control centre, the FiNDnet Workstation provides a central point for you to monitor and co-ordinate the whole operation. Real-time data feeds and seamless messaging keep everyone informed.

FiNDnet provides a wide-ranging suite of Operation Analysis reports on demand, with immediate visibility for any period. Comprehensive Business Intelligence lets you analyse and improve your ground handling operation with highly targeted statistical data.

Take control of your ground handling operation. Contact us now to see how FiNDnet Operations can help.

  • Features

    1. Flexible seasonal schedule management with additional modelling facilities
    2. Consolidation of multiple data feeds; schedules, Type-B, airport and airline
    3. Tracking inbound flights for movement, load and service requests
    4. Automatic Flight Sheets for streamlined processes
    5. Comprehensive departmental messaging facilities over Type-B and email
    6. Improved coordination via live staff displays and smart phone access
    7. Comprehensive on-demand reporting for OTP, Delay Analysis, KPI and statistics
  • Benefits

    1. Powerful aircraft Turn Management tools to boost On Time Performance
    2. Monitor, analyse and improve operational performance
    3. Reduce overheads through the automation of manual tasks
    4. Enable growth through better utilisation of resources
    5. Track flights and requirements to improve service delivery
    6. Standardise processes and reporting across all stations
    7. Coordinate all internal and external stakeholders