Aircraft Weight & Balance Solution

Damarel’s LodeStone is accurate, easy to use and cost-effective aircraft load control software for performing automated Weight & Balance.

Ideal for operations of all kinds, LodeStone is equally well suited to use in a Central Load Control (CLC) facility as in individual stations. Whether for 3rd party flights or integrated with L-DCS, LodeStone ensures safe and efficient aircraft loading.

  • Our customers choose LodeStone for many reasons – whether upgrading from manual systems, adding load control functionality if their DCS doesn’t provide Weight & Balance or simply to replace outdated and inefficient command line based systems.

    Designed specifically for use on commercial passenger flights, LodeStone supports both bulk loading for narrow bodied aircraft and containerised loading for wide bodied aircraft. You get excellent results, whatever your fleet.

Contact us now to see how LodeStone can help transform your airline load control operation.

  • Features

    1. Performs all necessary Weight & Balance calculations
    2. Supports ideal trim calculations for maximum fuel efficiency
    3. Handles flights from airline's own DCS and fully integrated with Damarel's L-DCS
    4. Freight, fuel, transit passengers, baggage and additional deadload figures can be entered
    5. Real-time display of RAW, ZFW, TOW and LAW trim settings and CG envelope for increased accuracy of planning
    6. Produces required weight & balance documentation including load plan/loading instruction/LDI and loadsheet
    7. Generates load control messages for transmission to downline stations
    8. Documents and messages can be displayed on screen, printed, transmitted via Type B or email or accessed remotely on smartphones and tablets
  • Benefits

    1. Promotes optimal loading and trim for efficiency and fuel burn savings
    2. Reduces errors and avoids time consuming manual processes
    3. One of the most cost effective Weight & Balance solutions available
    4. Reduces time and effort required to produce accurate loadsheets
    5. Removes need for manual re-keying of data
    6. Fully graphical user interface making it simple to learn and easy to operate
    7. Mobile version available for smartphones and tablets
    8. Training is simple and straight forward