Backup DCS

Business Continuity for DCS Systems

Imagine the chaos and financial loss that could occur if your airline’s primary DCS fails during peak travel season. Lost revenue, ticket refunds, compensation to passengers, re-flighting, and delays could be just the beginning. Don’t let this happen to your business.

That’s where Backup DCS from Damarel comes in. Our proven Airline Business Continuity solution provides automated passenger check-in and boarding in the event of a primary DCS outage. With B-DCS, your passengers won’t even notice the difference in the check-in process, and boarding passes and bag tags will continue to be printed in the same format as your primary DCS.

  • Our system offers a range of options to fit your operational needs, from a hot standby that can immediately take over a flight mid-check-in to a cold standby that can start processing new flights. And with Damarel’s mission-critical backup DCS systems in use at major international hubs since 1998, you can trust us to keep your business moving.

    Don’t let a DCS failure ground your airline. Choose Backup DCS from Damarel for reliable, seamless continuity and peace of mind.

    Contact us now to see how B-DCS can secure your airport passenger services.

  • Features

    1. Can be installed on locally deployed hardware or hosted from a remote data centre
    2. Interfaces to external systems such as BHS/BRS and Immigration Authorities (API) to further minimise disruption
    3. Standard IATA post-departure messages update the primary DCS once it is back in service
  • Benefits

    1. Avoids time-consuming and costly manual backup processes
    2. Established with major flag carriers worldwide over a long period of time
    3. Proven DCS in its own right as a primary DCS at more than 50 airports
    4. Clear, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface significantly reduces training time
    5. Certified on all major CUTE/CUPPS platforms