FiNDnet Mobile

Mobile Workforce Solution for Ground Handlers

FiNDnet Mobile is a multi-purpose mobile workforce solution that improves ramp processes, staff performance and resource utilisation through better communication.

FiNDnet Mobile drives the ground handling operation. All processes are integrated, from airline turnaround management to service recording and task communication. Your operations centre manages and monitors progress. Your ramp staff record the service details for downstream airline billing and KPI reporting.

  • FiNDnet Mobile fully and seamlessly integrates with other components of the FiNDnet Suite. It delivers what you need, where you need it, across the operation.

    Turnaround management facilities break the turn down into key events based on each airline’s SLA. Proactive guidance and monitoring on the PDA and in the control centre provide full visibility of flight turnaround progress. This allows for early corrective action and enables you to meet your airline SLAs, with full KPI reporting.

Want to go further? Pair FiNDnet Mobile with FiNDnet Allocations. Automatically notify individuals and teams of assignments and receive immediate feedback through mobile communications.

Contact us now to see how FiNDnet Mobile can improve your aircraft turn management and mobilise your workforce.

  • Features

    1. Simple tap-through turnaround flow, with step out to additional facilities
    2. Point and click service recording, with provision overview and on screen signature
    3. My Tasks list for task assignments, acceptance and progression
    4. Intuitive, integrated UI for easy interaction
    5. Device independent platform for smartphones and tablets
    6. Base to agent messaging plus broadcast facility
    7. Live WIFI and 3G communications with local activity sync for blackouts
  • Benefits

    1. Improve visibility of the turnaround and enhance On-Time Departure performance
    2. Improve staff utilisation with mobile task communication and reduced shuttle time
    3. Meet key SLA markers and have ready access to KPI reports
    4. Deliver information and tasks to the team and trigger messages from the ramp
    5. Remove paperwork, reduce costs and enable rapid billing