FiNDnet Services

Electronic Service Recording for Ground Handlers

Ground handlers – are you properly rewarded for all your hard work? Let FiNDnet Services help you get paid for everything you do.

Accurately recording service provision for airline billing is a huge challenge for ground handlers. Unrecorded services cause revenue leakage and impact profits.

FiNDnet Services fixes this problem. All ground handling services are recorded electronically as you provide them – quickly and accurately. Capture all under- and over-wing services you provide to maximise revenues, remove mailing costs and enable next day billing.

  • Around the world, FiNDnet Services records the service provision for over 8 million flight movements every year. Ground handlers trust us to record over US$2 billion of services, annually.

    How does it work?

    FiNDnet Services is completely configurable to your needs. You decide what to capture, how and when. Tailored service screens and work flows make sure you have complete control over what is recorded.

Through the desktop and shipside mobile entry facilities, your staff capture all of the details required for next day billing, along with full backing material. Automatic uploads from compatible GSE, such as fueling rigs, reduce manual overhead and improve accuracy.

When used with the FiNDnet Suite, captured services are seamlessly transferred and tracked through the billing process and onto invoice backup material. Fully documented invoices reduce airline queries and improve cash flow. Integrated eInvoice support makes sure your invoices get delivered as fast and efficiently as possible.

Make sure you get rewarded for all your hard work. Contact us now to see how FiNDnet Services can help.

  • Features

    1. Fully scalable and extendable for the introduction of new services
    2. Multi-station architecture for the harmonisation of details and processes
    3. Seamless integration with FiNDnet Operations, Mobile and Billing, for streamlined operations
    4. Simple central administration
    5. Ability to tailor service screens according to department
    6. Pre- and Post-operation printed service tickets
  • Benefits

    1. Capture all chargeable services for increased revenues
    2. Reduce paperwork, shipping costs and the billing overheads of processing
    3. Enable next day billing with full backing material
    4. Optional ship-side recording via FiNDnet Mobile for fully paperless operation
    5. Analyse service utilisation via on-station service provision reporting