FiNDnet Allocations

Staff & Resource Planning for Ground Handlers

FiNDnet Allocations is a dynamic, live resource allocations tool for ground handlers. It replaces traditionally reactive legacy procedures and provides increased control and improved staff utilisation.

FiNDnet Allocations combines your active flight program with the airline engagement standards and available resources into one clear screen. Through a dynamic view of your whole day’s operation you can proactively monitor events and easily allocate the resources needed to meet your commitments.

  • During operations, mobile task communication via FiNDnet Mobile enables teams to remain actively engaged on the ramp. This significantly reduces shuttle time and improves resource utilisation.

    With full visibility of shift utilisation both throughout the day and post operation, FiNDnet Allocations gives you the detail you need to improve efficiency and optimise resources.

FiNDnet Allocations covers all departments. Each section can administer, control and monitor their own resources.

The proactive facilities highlight which tasks have been covered, by the right people with the right skills. Unallocated activities are pinpointed for immediate action. Active monitoring alerts you of any operational changes or staff clashes.

Contact us now to see how FiNDnet Allocations can help you efficiently use your resources.

  • Features

    1. Multi-departmental operation
    2. Individual or team based allocations with floating pool
    3. Active alerting of operational changes and clashes
    4. Gantt chart view of flights and shifts, highlighting utilisation and any issues
    5. T-card view for visualising teams and rapid move, build, break
  • Benefits

    1. Increased staff utilisation and reduced overheads
    2. Improved visibility of % shift ‘worked time’ for further optimisation
    3. Improved skills coordination
    4. Optional live task communication and feedback
    5. Comprehensive reporting with utilisation and performance metrics