FiNDnet Billing

Automated Billing Solution for Ground Handlers

FiNDnet Billing fully automates the billing process for all airline ground handling and service activity.

For ground handling companies, invoicing their airline customers is a costly and time-consuming task. It often leads to disputes and delayed payment. FiNDnet Billing removes the cost and complexity, and streamlines the production of invoices to airlines. It provides a fast return on investment by slashing the effort required and the time taken to bill accurately for all the services provided by the Ground Handling Agent.

  • Are you missing revenue? Ground handlers often fail to charge for all the services they provide. They may give away inclusive minutes no longer applicable, not apply contract sub-clauses or simply use the wrong charge rate. The result is lower revenues and lower profit.

    If this is you, talk to us. FiNDnet Billing accurately bills your airlines for everything you do and stops revenue leakage.

    Make sure you maximise your “service to cash” process and boost profits. After all, why give away revenue when margins are already tight?

Interested in eInvoicing and the benefits it brings ground service providers and airlines? This article explains the benefits digital finance brings to all parties and how FiNDnet Billing is helping transform the way aviation works:
Digital Finance is the Future

Used around the world, FiNDnet Billing is trusted by ground handlers to invoice airlines for over US$1.5 billion in service revenues every year.

Make sure you get rewarded for all your hard work. Contact us now to see how FiNDnet Billing can help.

  • Features

    1. Multi-station architecture, local stations feeding into central billing
    2. Integration with FiNDnet Operations and Services for daily electronic transfers
    3. Individual contracts by carrier and airport: includes invoice schedule and service rates
    4. Built-in expression language supports even the most complex charging formula
    5. Support for multiple business units with tailored invoice stationery
    6. Full backing sheet providing complete details of all services and charges
    7. Tightly controlled Credit Note facility ensures figures are balanced
  • Benefits

    1. Complete and accurate billing increases revenues and reduces disputes
    2. Reduces billing overheads and invoice dwell time
    3. eInvoicing supports industry standards for paperless operations
    4. Electronic receipt of operational details and eInvoice delivery further reduce direct costs
    5. Rapid production and delivery of accurate invoices improves cash flow
    6. No manual processing or re-keying maximizes productivity and eliminates errors
    7. Full invoice run for large stations can be generated in minutes