Babel ZIP

Zero Integration Platform

Babel/ZIP is a powerful middleware solution that enables native airline applications to run on Common Use platforms without modification.

With Babel/ZIP, your engineering costs are slashed and the need to support a proprietary platform API removed. Babel/ZIP is a powerful evolution of Damarel’s class-leading Common Language Facility (CLF) technology. Acting as the translator between the application and the platform Peripheral Manager, Babel/ZIP allows both systems to run as though they are in their native environment.

Babel/ZIP is designed to help both airline application and Common Use platform providers. For the airline, Babel/ZIP will immediately add support for all the major airport Common Use platforms. For the platform provider, Babel/ZIP opens the Common Use system up to native applications, and remove the need for the airline to redevelop existing applications.

Babel/ZIP does all the translation necessary to allow communication between the application and the Common Use vendor’s platform and Peripheral Manager in a completely transparent manner.

Contact us now to see how Babel ZIP can get your platform and applications working – seamlessly.

  • Features

    1. Transparent support for Common Use platforms
    2. Supports local platform and remote data centre deployments
    3. Based on Babel technology, proven to work at more than 200 airports for more than 13 years
    4. Opens up the Common Use platform to bespoke applications
    5. Seamless access to all peripheral devices
  • Benefits

    1. Works with all Common Use vendor platforms
    2. Supports Zero Integration for both CUTE and CUPPS standards
    3. Enables airlines with legacy applications to deploy them easily on a Common Use platform with the minimum of effort
    4. Enables CUTE/CUPPS providers to deploy legacy airline applications on their platform with the minimum of effort
    5. Dramatically reduces re-engineering and certification effort