FiNDnet Enterprise for Onet Airport Services

Comprehensive Turn Management and Service Capture

We’re delighted to announce that prominent French ground handler Onet Airport Services has joined forces with Damarel to revolutionise their operations and drive increased efficiency and profitability with FiNDnet Enterprise!

As a trusted partner in the industry, Damarel’s FiNDnet Enterprise software offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimise ground handling processes, reduce costs, and elevate performance for ground handlers.

With strong growth predicted, Onet recognized the urgent need for streamlining their operations to cater to the growing demands of the aviation industry. Damarel’s ground handling software proved to be the perfect solution to achieve these objectives.

Key benefits of FiNDnet Enterprise include:

  1. Improved Turnaround Times: With FiNDnet, Onet can effortlessly track the progress of each flight and quickly spot and resolve potential delays. Faster aircraft turnaround, better OTP and happier airlines.
  2. Cost Reduction: FiNDnet offers real-time insights to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs, and ensure efficient use of resources.
  3. Increased Revenues: With real-time capture of service provision information, Onet will maximise the potential of their ground handling contracts and boost profitability.

The scalability and user-friendly interface of FiNDnet Enterprise make it a seamless fit for businesses of any size. As Onet takes a proactive stance towards improving its efficiency and profitability, FiNDnet is now live in Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille airports, marking the first phase of this transformative journey. Subsequent weeks will witness the software’s deployment at Toulouse, Paris and Biarritz airports.

We are very pleased to work with the Onet team to help them standardise and automate their ground handling processes in multiple airports across France. We are confident that our software will help them achieve their goals of improved efficiency and profitability.

James KellyKey Account Manager

Onet Airport Services is a premier ground handling company in France, delivering top-notch services to airlines at six major airports across the country. With a commitment to excellence, Onet strives to elevate ground handling operations to new heights.

Contact us now for details on how Damarel’s FiNDnet Enterprise can help transform your ground handling operation.

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