L-DCS Web Services

Real-Time Data for Passenger Services

Real-time data is the lifeblood of ground handlers, enabling them to provide top-notch passenger services. By analysing passenger and baggage data, ground handlers can gain accurate business intelligence and forecast volumes and flows to meet the challenges of their operation.

We are thrilled to announce that Globalia, a leading Spanish ground handler, is the launch customer for our revolutionary L-DCS Web Services. These services are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with external systems and provide real-time data feeds for passenger counts, baggage information, and flight status, as well as post-flight messages for the 11 airports in Spain where Globalia uses L-DCS and LodeStone.

Our web services centralise information from the airports where Globalia uses L-DCS and LodeStone, providing management with a real-time overview of the status of all L-DCS flights at Globalia’s stations. Comprehensive statistical reports for management breakdown passengers and baggage handled on L-DCS flights for detailed analysis and operational fine-tuning. An additional benefit is a feature to reduce Type B costs by routing messages to specific Globalia addresses via internal queues rather than over third-party networks. Furthermore, our web services also offer routing of Baggage Sortation Messages (BSMs) to AENA’s sortation system, and the automatic creation of L-DCS flights at each station by importing them from the AODB.

Fully hosted or locally installed, read more about how L-DCS can help your operation here.

Accurate, timely data is vital to ground handlers. L-DCS makes sure that you have complete visibility of your operation so you can deliver exceptional airline and passenger services.

Nick BeckettDirector, Damarel

L-DCS lies at the heart of operations for ground handlers, airlines, and airports of all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a local installation or a fully hosted cloud solution, L-DCS provides a user-friendly interface that significantly reduces training time and costs for agents. With integrated productivity features and lightning-fast processing time, passenger services run smoothly and efficiently.

L-DCS empowers handling agents worldwide to provide rapid, cost-effective automated check-in and boarding for millions of airline passengers every year. As passenger numbers rebound after the pandemic, L-DCS provides easily accessible and scalable passenger handling for operations of any size. With L-DCS, you can expect exceptional passenger processing that’s efficient, reliable, and streamlined.

Whether you’re a ground handler, airline, or airport, L-DCS has everything you need to deliver top-notch passenger services. Experience the difference today and revolutionise your operations like never before!

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