L-DCS & LodeStone for Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Check-in, Boarding and Weight & Balance for RKT

Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE is the latest airport to adopt Damarel’s Local DCS, the powerful check-in and boarding solution for point-to-point, low cost and charter airlines. The airport joins a thriving global community who drive their passenger operations with L-DCS to deliver outstanding, cost-effective passenger processing.

L-DCS is configured for use by 15 airlines initially. This includes essential integration with the SITA APP Government Gateway for passengers departing the UAE.

In early 2022 RKT will also implement Damarel’s LodeStone Automated Weight and Balance system for fully integrated load control for all L-DCS flights. It also provides an option for other airlines that don’t have a solution in their own system. LodeStone helps ensure aircraft are loaded safely, with optimised trim for fuel efficiency.

Welcome aboard, RKT!

The L-DCS and LodeStone community around the world continues to grow, and we’re delighted to welcome RKT aboard. They will quickly see the benefit of one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions available for passenger check-in, boarding and load control.

Nick BeckettDirector, Damarel

For ground handlers, airlines and airports, L-DCS is at the heart of operations of all shapes and sizes. Available either locally installed or as a fully hosted cloud solution, the user-friendly interface makes L-DCS simple to learn for agents and dramatically reduces training time and costs. Integrated productivity features and fast processing time keep Passenger Services running as smoothly as possible.

L-DCS helps handling agents around the world deliver rapid, cost-effective automated check-in and boarding to tens of millions of airline passengers every year. As passenger numbers rebound after the pandemic it will deliver easily accessible, scalable passenger handling for operations of all sizes. L-DCS gives you exceptional passenger processing.

Contact us now for details on how Damarel’s L-DCS can help transform passenger processing in your airport.

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