FiNDnet Classic in AWS!

FiNDnet Classic Migrates to AWS for Enhanced Performance and Scalability

  • Damarel is excited to announce the migration of FiNDnet Classic to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. This move will improve performance, scalability and flexibility for our global customer base.

  • FiNDnet in AWS

With AWS, Damarel has access to a wide range of features and services, such as Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and Amazon RDS. These services will enable our systems to dynamically scale to meet the demands of our growing customer base, ensuring high availability and reliability.

The move to AWS for hosting is well underway and Bahamas based handling agents Nassau Flight Services Ltd. are the first FiNDnet Classic customer to make the journey! All their existing systems and data have been seamlessly migrated to our new home and it’s all systems go.

This is a significant milestone for FiNDnet Classic, and marks the company’s commitment to continue to be the leading provider of enterprise-class turn management, service capture and billing solutions to ground handlers around the world. The move will allow FiNDnet Classic to offer enhanced performance, greater agility, and increased scalability, while reducing the costs associated with maintaining a physical data centre.

With AWS we can take advantage of one of the most scalable, performant hosting services available for the benefit of our users. It allows us to:

  • Exploit the AWS high-availability, low-latency global network
  • Run Dual Availability Zones to deliver enhanced BC/DR
  • Scale seamlessly to deal with peak demand
  • Maintain system performance under the heaviest load
  • Leverage the CDN to deliver a snappier User Experience

The next few months will be busy as we migrate all of our systems over in a busy rolling program. We look forward to having you all on board soon!

As our global user base expands, we’re confident that our customers will benefit greatly from this migration to AWS. We look forward to continuing to deliver innovative turn management solutions that meet the evolving needs of today’s ground handlers.

We’re excited to be at the Asian GHI Conference once again to show ground handlers how we can help them take advantage of the opportunities offered.

John BoultManaging Director

FiNDnet is designed specifically for ground handlers and delivers an integrated suite of tools to cover the entire business process. It brings impressive results and provides comprehensive control of the entire operation – from initial schedule preparations through daily operations and turnaround management, SLA monitoring, service recording and automated billing.

FiNDnet makes it easy to track, monitor and analyse the flight services provided. It removes manual errors, duplication of effort and the missed recording and billing of services.

Damarel has been providing mission critical software solutions for airport operations for 30 years. FiNDnet is a complete software solution helping ground handlers to co-ordinate, monitor and improve all aspects of their ground handling and ground operations.

Contact us now to find out how FiNDnet can help you take control of your airport handling operation.

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