FiNDnet Enterprise goes live!

Now rolling out for dnata Australia

Damarel is delighted to announce the rollout of FiNDnet Enterprise to global ground handler dnata! Starting with stations in Australia, this all-new generation of our class-leading suite of tools will be deployed around the world, replacing existing installations and bringing more countries on board.

Packed with new features and supporting the very latest technology, FiNDnet Enterprise brings a host of benefits to ground handlers:

  • Turn management for increased visibility of operational performance and improved OTP
  • Real time service capture to ensure you get rewarded for your work and stop revenue leakage
  • Event tracking and SLA monitoring help you deliver high-quality service and meet airline KPIs
  • Automated billing reduces overheads, increases accuracy and boosts revenues

Delivered from the cloud using SaaS, FiNDnet Enterprise is easy to adopt and delivers a strong return on investment along with operational improvements. The suite of tools is transformational for ground handling operations, with benefits across all levels of the organisation.

The rollout of FiNDnet Enterprise marks a huge milestone for Damarel and our ground handler community. This latest generation of the suite delivers even more power and flexibility, from on the day tactical management all the way through to the big data required for strategic planning.

As a premium provider of handling services to airlines around the world, dnata is perfectly placed to benefit from FiNDnet Enterprise. They have the vision and determination in place to transform the handling landscape.

Paul BrutonProduct Manager, Damarel

Over the next few months, we will be transitioning all FiNDnet users over to this new enterprise-class edition, with a rolling program of upgrades to make sure everyone benefits from this new generation of tools.

Find out more about FiNDnet here:

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