FiNDnet for Gatwick Ground Services

Comprehensive turn management for a busy operation

Gatwick Ground Services is a British Airways (IAG) owned company. They provide full turnaround services to BA’s busy operation at London Gatwick Airport. Handling over 50,000 movements per year, at a very congested airport, this is a high-volume, challenging operation. It is vital they have clear operational oversight and trusted information.

FiNDnet Operations sits at the heart of the action and is central to everything they do. It receives, consolidates and disseminates information from a wide range of systems to ensure all stakeholders have complete visibility.

From RMS to standard Type B and airport specific feeds, FiNDnet uses multiple sources of information to automatically populate and update the operational database. Access to trusted, real time information makes sure that Gatwick Ground Services stays on top of the operation as the daily programme unfolds. At an airport as busy as LGW, operations must act quickly and efficiently as events – early or delayed arrivals, for example – can radically change the expected operational profile.

Innovations such as targeted, high-quality video wall displays in locations like the loaders’ crew room keep staff informed of the current status and reduce radio chatter. Feeds to 3rd party service providers and downline stations make sure that everyone is kept updated with progress.

FiNDnet delivers the tools needed by Gatwick Ground Services to ensure they provide a premium service to premium airlines. It drives the whole operation and integrates numerous 3rd party systems to automate and improve the flow of information.

Paul BrutonFiNDnet Product Manager, Damarel

FiNDnet is designed specifically for ground handlers and delivers an integrated suite of tools to cover the entire business process. It brings impressive results and provides comprehensive operational control of the entire business process – from initial schedule preparations through daily operations and turnaround management, SLA monitoring, service recording and automated billing.

FiNDnet makes it easy to track, monitor and analyse the flight services provided. It removes manual errors, duplication of effort and the missed recording and billing of services.

Damarel has been providing mission critical software solutions for airport operations for 30 years. FiNDnet is a complete software solution helping ground handlers to co-ordinate, monitor and improve all aspects of their ground handling and ground operations.

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