Virgin Atlantic, a flagship UK carrier, adopts Babel as their corporate solution for a Common Language Facility

Virgin Atlantic, a flagship UK carrier, adopts Babel as their corporate solution for a Common Language Facility.

As part of their business review, Virgin Atlantic were looking to consolidate the technology used at airports and to provide a standardised check-in solution globally, both on the major CUTE platforms and on their own equipment.

  • Virgin Atlantic required a graphical solution which was easy to train new agents on, but which also allowed experienced agents to continue using their knowledge and skills.

    Finally, Virgin Atlantic also wanted a solution that was flexible and scalable, and could easily be tailored to their specific requirements and which allowed new functionality to be added with minimal effort.

  • Virgin-Atlantic-Heathrow-London-Airport-Terminal-1

Babel was seen as the perfect solution, with its powerful, script driven CLF which allows for the application to be tailored to fit the customer’s requirements – from the actual commands issued to the complete presentation.

Virgin Atlantic took a very proactive approach to the whole design process, being involved in all stages of drawing up the functionality, specifying the workflow and designing the interface.

Targeted initially to be available for the opening of their new Sydney route, Babel has since been rolled out around the Virgin Atlantic network, being used on a variety of CUTE platforms, including those by SITA and ARINC. With new features and productivity enhancements being added all the time, Babel is still a fundamental part of Virgin Atlantic’s airport strategy and testament to a strong, long term relationship.

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