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Milan Bergamo International Airport is a thriving Italian airport catering to millions of passengers every year. Used as a regional hub by airlines such as Ryanair, Bergamo (BGY) is a forward thinking airport that understands good airline and passenger service. They also have a keen eye for the IT systems required to deliver their vision of excellence.

For many years, BGY has relied on Damarel’s Local DCS and LodeStone products to provide exceptionally reliable, cost-effective passenger check-in, boarding and load control. At it’s peak, L-DCS processes over 4 million passengers per year, and has helped them grow substantially while controlling IT spend.

Looking to the future

As part of the airport’s ongoing programme of operational improvement, Bergamo are now installing L-DCS Mobile. L-DCS Mobile is a smartphone and tablet app that provides immediate expansion in passenger processing capacity. It allows the airport to use roving agents to efficiently add additional ‘pop-up’ boarding gates or to scale up the capacity at fixed equipment positions on demand. L-DCS Mobile will help Bergamo to focus on key areas of the passenger experience and reduce potential queues.

“We chose Damarel because we were confident they could deliver a stable system that would deliver exactly what we need.”

Ettore PizzaballaIT Manager at BGY

BGY has chosen Android phones with Grabba 2D barcode scanners for their agents to use, giving a robust, cost-effective platform. L-DCS Mobile for iPhones and iPads is also an option for operations that have chosen iOS as their standard.

“We are very happy with the relationship with Damarel. It is very important for us. The software is easy for our agents to use and this makes everything more efficient. We are now looking forward to the benefits of the new mobile applications which we will believe will serve our airlines very well and make journeys better for our passengers.”

Enrico PizziniDirector of Operations, Bergamo Airport
Valued Partnerships

Working closely with SEETEK, BGY’s AODB supplier, Damarel has implemented a stable integration between systems. This gives the airport accurate operational data in real time across a number of business critical systems including their staff rostering application.

At Damarel, we are very proud of our work with Bergamo Airport and the long-term partnership we have developed.

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