Japan Airlines trusts Damarel to provide their long-term back-up DCS solution

Japan Airlines instigated a major project to help protect and improve their international passenger handling operation at all Japanese and a number of critical overseas sites. The main aims of the project were to provide:

  • a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution in the event the airline DCS was unavailable
  • a simple GUI for check-in and boarding to simplify agent training and enhance the passenger experience

JAL selected Damarel to build the solution, relying on our unique understanding of the aviation industry and reputation for producing software that can be relied on in such a critical operation.

Graphical Interface

From the outset these products revolutionised the check-in and boarding of international flights handled by JAL. Their check-in staff, of which there were more than 1,000 employed at Tokyo Narita airport alone, were no longer required to undergo the intensive training in native command line entries common to the majority of airline DCSs at the time. Agent training times and consequently training costs were slashed. The new system with its sleek graphical interface delivered a more efficient passenger processing experience with reduced passenger check-in times and fewer check-in errors.

In all, Damarel produced graphical systems for check-in, automated boarding, baggage reconciliation, offline printing, lounge registration and flight set-up & monitoring.

Backup Departure Control System

A unique innovation was the development of a Backup DCS (B-DCS) to maintain the smooth check-in and boarding of flights with no disruption in the event of an outage of JAL’s primary departure control system. The team at Damarel worked closely with JAL to develop a ‘hot standby’ solution. Connectivity with the primary DCS allows B-DCS to take over flights immediately in the event of an outage. The potential cost and damage to reputation from a check-in system failure is significant. It is vital to put in place a strong business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Hide Isomura, Director, Head of Airport Passenger Solutions confirms the importance of B-DCS to the team at JAL:

“We implemented Damarel’s Back-up DCS system in October 2000 because of concerns about the possible loss of our own DCS. Our objective is to provide the best customer service possible to our passengers and we deployed the system to give us reliable disaster recovery so that they can continue their journeys without disruption if there is a problem with our primary system. We use the hot-standby solution which means that B-DCS can take over check-in and boarding straightaway.
It was very important for us to work with people we trusted who could provide a reliable solution which would be easy to use at short notice. Damarel’s B-DCS system gave us this and the simple interface means there is no need for special training of staff- they can use it immediately. We use B-DCS at a number of our largest hubs including Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda airports.
We have an excellent working relationship with Damarel and are proud of how B-DCS strengthens our ongoing commitment to our passengers.”

Hide Isomura, Director, Head of Airport Passenger Solutions, Japan Airlines

Damarel’s DCS applications are under constant development as customer needs evolve and authorities update their requirements. The fact that the core of these solutions is still in use by JAL today – more than 15 years after initial development – is testament to the efficiency and resilience of the systems provided. We’re proud to have helped JAL maintain the highest possible standards of customer service, wherever they operate.

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