ANA know when to Backup

ANA adopts Damarel’s latest generation Backup DCS to ensure business continuity for international departures

Damarel has a long history of providing mission critical software solutions for airlines, helping to ensure the passenger handling operation continues in even the most extreme host outage.

All Nippon Airlines, one of the largest operators in Japan,¬†became the latest carrier to adopt our new generation Backup DCS. Based on our incredibly successful Local DCS product, the new solution provides a complete standby check-in and boarding system for all ANA international flights from Tokyo’s busy Narita and Haneda Airports.

Designed to provide a cost-effective yet powerful Business Continuity solution, Backup DCS builds on the proven L-DCS technology, extended to receive information from ANA about their current operations so as to be ready to take over when required.

“ANA has been using B-DCS since 2008. The system is now a very important part of our business continuity strategy. This provides our business with reassurance in case of DCS breaking down. We have been very pleased to work with Nick and the team at Damarel. They worked diligently with us so that we have the level of resilience we need. We now have confidence in the processes for our largest airports, Narita and Haneda. We have a live back-up in place so that our passengers will not see any change to their experience if the main DCS fails.

Our employees can work with B-DCS very easily as the software is very simple and training was quick and easy. We could not think of having manual back-up again. It would be a very big risk.”

Takeshi Tokunaga, Deputy Director, Passenger Service Planning, Operations and Airport Services at All Nippon Airways Co
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