Local DCS for Airports Services Group, Germany

Cloud hosted DCS for passenger services

Damarel’s locally installed L-DCS and LodeStone Weight & Balance solution was such a success at Leipzig Airport that Airport Services Group GmbH (ASG) was keen to maximise what they could gain from the system. We were happy to help and set about an expansion project covering two further airports and moving the whole service to the cloud.  The result – a centralised system for hosting their check-in and boarding operations from our established UK data centre.

Following a very smooth migration of all the Leipzig Airport data to the new facility, they were quickly joined by Dresden and Friedrichshafen. Use of Damarel’s private cloud meant ASG required no on-site hardware, with the system accessed across a standard Internet VPN. This reduces the IT spend, speeds up roll out and also gives them access to our state-of-the-art Type B message and BRS/BHS connections. Fast, secure and easy to adopt, the new distribution model is ideal for airport operations needing an efficient, low-cost model for passenger handling activities.

ASG are now one of a number of customers using the L-DCS and LodeStone ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution. As well as the reduced cost and space required for on-site servers, they also receive faster software updates and do not require an engineer on-site for upgrades and testing – saving costs and increasing efficiency.

The team at ASG is delighted with the move:

“Using Damarel’s DCS suite since almost 4 years with a local server set up at LEJ, we made a big step forward with switching to the hosted version. For us L-DCS, Embark and LodeStone are the perfect tools for our daily airline customer handling. No other DCS is more focused on the requirements from a handling agent’s point of view. No other system is easier and faster to learn for the frontline agent keeping training efforts low.

With the hosted version we open new doors. It enables us to combine resources within our ‘GGG Service for Airline’ group, as one company is doing the administration for other sites. We are now ready for new challenges, such as handling of APIS, eBorder or secure flight services. Software improvements are available much faster than before. Last but not least we are very proud to be the first customer of Damarel Systems using this version of L-DCS and LodeStone at a SITA CUTE (APC) site, knowing that this will ease further expansion for us and for this recommendable DCS.”

Uwe Stange, Deputy Station and Quality Manager, Airport Services Leipzig GmbH

Damarel’s L-DCS helped pioneer the concept of on-airport check-in systems, delivering powerful passenger processing for a fraction of the price of traditional mainframe DCS. The flexibility and maturity of cloud-based computing now offers a compelling alternative for new and existing customers. Moving from a locally installed DCS solution to a fully hosted service can make economic sense, particularly for multi-station projects.

Damarel has been providing mission critical software solutions for airport operations for 30 years.

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