Manchester Airport automates their passenger security operation with Vanguard from Damarel

Passengers at Manchester can now scan their own documents to provide airside access.

Damarel’s outbound control point solution Vanguard has been integrated with the IER QBG to provide a self-scanning solution for passengers at Manchester International Airport’s security check points.

  • The innovative solution at Outbound Control allows passengers to scan both ATB2 and 2D bar coded boarding passes, with Vanguard controlling airside access via the automated gates.

    This innovative solution enables Manchester to comply with all legislation regarding Home Printed Boarding Cards (HPBC) while offering all passengers the speed and convenience of self-service at the check point – a clear benefit to all parties.

  • Manchester airport 2

With full support for on airport 2D bar code and legacy magnetic stripe boarding passes, Vanguard automates the control point while collating valuable information about passenger flow, patterns and volumes for Business Intelligence.

Automate your operation with Vanguard from Damarel.

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