A Balancing Act

Damarel's Local DCS also features a fully integrated Weight and Balance solution, LodeStone. Web based and easy to use, LodeStone is perfect for all operations, including modern Central Load Control functions.

LodeStone Weight and Balance Screen Shot
Case Study

Flybe Babel Case Study

As part of their IT strategy for airport operations, Flybe has selected Damarel’s Babel Common Language Facility for use at check-in around their network.

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L-DCS - Airline Check-In and Boarding

L-DCS is the world's foremost Local Departure Control System. Featuring an enhanced, easy to use graphical interface and integrated Weight & Balance, L-DCS delivers rapid, cost effective automated check-in and boarding to tens of millions of airline passengers every year. Ideal for Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Charter airlines and point-to-point operators, Damarel's L-DCS takes passenger handling to the next level.

From the world's largest handling agents at the world's busiest airports, to single site operators at the smallest regional stations, L-DCS is proven to reduce DCS costs, increase agent productivity and enhance the passenger experience.

A Modern Approach

Local DCS Image

Designed from scratch to be as agent friendly as possible, L-DCS is one of the simplest, fastest ways to check-in and board LCC and charter airline passengers. Generations ahead of the old 'green screen' terminal systems used by traditional airline DCS, L-DCS provides an advanced GUI that is instantly familiar to any computer user.

Training times are slashed, passenger throughput is dramatically increased, and with L-DCS' advanced productivity and automation tools, agents are free to stand out from the crowd and provide an excellent passenger handling experience.

"In 15 years on this job, using all kinds of systems, I can honestly say that this is the easiest, fastest DCS I've ever used. I love it!"
Passenger Service Agent, London Gatwick Airport, 2011

A Growing Community

We're proud of the fact that L-DCS has a growing, enthusiastic community of users who play a vital part in shaping the aviation industry. Their constant feedback and involvement ensures L-DCS keeps pace with the changing demands placed on the aviation community, leads technology innovation and stays focused on the core passenger handling issues.

Adopted by airlines, airports, ground handling agents and CUTE/CUPPS systems integrators, L-DCS is at the heart of operations of all shapes and sizes - from international airports with hundreds of check-in desks and gates, to small regionals with only a handful of positions. With a fantastic track record and proven benefits, L-DCS is a solution that you can trust.

Are Your Passengers Helping Themselves?

They would be with Damarel's L-DCS! From Fast Bag Drop positions, through Internet, kiosk and mobile check-in, L-DCS promotes and supports passenger Self Service and IATA's passenger experience drive. Relieve airport congestion and give your passengers the flexibility, convenience and modern facilities they demand.

Will It Work At My Airport?

Yes! L-DCS is designed to maximise the benefit of your existing IT strategy and works with all standard airport equipment. Crucially, L-DCS runs on all the major CUTE and CUPPS platforms, including those from SITA and ARINC, so you can take it wherever you go. Avoid multiple, complicated legacy systems by adopting L-DCS system-wide.

Getting On Board

Local DCS Boarding Image

Damarel's L-DCS is simple to implement and we can have you up and running incredibly quickly - far faster than traditional systems. 

Although still available as a true 'local' installation, many of our clients now choose our fully hosted solution using the latest Internet VPN technology, or as a remote desktop (RDP) solution through a browser.

Using our Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based model helps you drive down costs and complexity while increasing ROI.

Did you know?

L-DCS is so good, and so reliable, it has even been adopted by a number of flag carrying schedule airlines to provide Business Continuity in case of an outage of their own DCS. With support like that, you know you're in good company.

To discuss how Damarel's Local Departure Control System or other products can help your operation, please contact us on +44 (0)1252  783787 or email info(at)remove-this.damarel.com