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FiNDnet Dashboards adds comprehensive business intelligence reporting across the suite - tailored information on everything from operational performance to budgets and targets.

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Vanguard and Self Service

Passengers at Manchester can now scan their own documents to provide airside access.

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FiNDnet Suite - Ground Handling Operational Database

The FiNDnet Suite is a complete Operational Database for ground handling agents, designed to drive efficiency, service quality and profitability right through your operation.

Based around the core Operations module, the suite provides a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring, analysing, planning and billing even the busiest stations. Our tailored approach allows you to choose the solutions you need to deliver powerful results for your business.

Offered as a fully hosted solution, the FiNDnet Suite is the most affordable set of operational tools available to help you improve your ground handling operation.

Working Together

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At the core of the ground handing suite, FiNDnet Operations uses your flight schedule as the basis for collating, updating and disseminating information to staff, clients and airport systems, wherever they are and however they need it.

Automating the way information flows through your business drastically reduces overheads, and staff can make better informed decisions based on instant access to the latest flight status.

A Valuable Service

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Correctly recording and billing the revenue services provided during an aircraft turn is often the difference between a ground handling operation making a profit or a loss. FiNDnet Services helps you keep an electronic track of all activities, at the point of delivery, making sure you get what you are worth.

The Counting House

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FiNDnet Billing makes sure you invoice quickly and accurately for the services provided. Based around a flexible contracts database, the billing system collates all standard charges, revenue generating tasks and ad-hoc service provision to produce tailored invoices and backing sheets.

Replace your time-consuming, manual processes with FiNDnet Billing and speed up your cash flow at the touch of a button.

Trying to Keep the Customer Satisfied?

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A key differentiator in a competitive market is the service level your organisation provides, and how that elevates you above the competition.

FiNDnet's Mobile & SLA module puts your airline service level agreements at the heart of your operation, helping you actively drive your processes through the engagement standards, raising service levels while capturing a full audit trail of your performance.

What About My Operation?

FiNDnet is a truly scalable solution designed for use by organisations of all shapes and sizes, so you can be sure it will work for you. From small self-handling regional airports to organisations that span continents, the FiNDnet Suite is at the heart of every type of ground handling operation.

Our range of hosting options and fully serviced data centre mean we can have you up and running in a very short time, with flexible plans that allow you to control costs and maximise benefits.

Did You Know?

The all-new FiNDnet Resources module will soon be available, adding powerful, sophisticated resource planning tools that will help you get the most from the ground handler's most valuable asset - your staff.

With customisable skill sets, tailored engagement standards and dynamic downtime charts, FiNDnet Resources can help optimise your workforce and let them shine.

To discuss how Damarel's FiNDnet Suite Operational Database for Ground Handlers or other products can help your operation, please contact us on +44 (0)1252  783787 or email info(at)