NEW! Self-service Kiosks for L-DCS

Self-service check-in and bag drop for all L-DCS airlines

Self-service check-in has driven the most profound change in how people experience the airport journey. Enthusiastically adopted by passengers, airlines and airports alike, self-service delivers benefits across the board:

  • Passengers are in control of their journey and avoid lines
  • Airlines reduce costs and improve oversight
  • Airports can easily and affordably increase concourse capacity

Damarel’s all new kiosk for L-DCS makes the self-service revolution available to more airports and airlines than ever before. Far more affordable and easier to adopt than prohibitively expensive CUSS kiosks, these dedicated units are packed full of the latest technology to deliver the perfect check-in experience. Integrated boarding pass and bag tag printers make fast and efficient two-step bag drops a breeze. Scan your ID, print your bag tags and proceed directly to the bag drop for a smooth, rapid check-in experience.

Fully customisable for your airport, Damarel’s attractive kiosks support all your L-DCS airlines – no fuss, no costly integrations, no lengthy app developments. Your passengers benefit immediately from seamless self-service, improving their experience and reducing pressure on airport infrastructure.

These modern, passenger-friendly stand-alone kiosks give you complete control over the number and placement of units. From dedicated self-service areas to extra capacity at traditional desks, you have total flexibility to re-imagine check-in and bag drop. Help divert traffic from high-congestion areas, focus attention where you want it and transform your airport concourse.

    • Fast, efficient passenger self-service
    • Reduced passenger lines
    • Lower overheads for desks/staff
    • Airport and airline branding opportunity
    • Increased airport capacity
    • Improved passenger experience
    • Fast, low-impact roll out
    • Reduced congestion and contact points

Our all new kiosk for L-DCS makes self-service available to all airports. These easy-to-use units let passengers quickly check-in and tag their own luggage, fully enabling the faster and more efficient bag drop approach.

Damarel’s dedicated L-DCS kiosks provide a low-cost alternative to expensive CUSS options. They are fast to deploy and simple to manage, so you can target them exactly where they are needed for maximum impact.

Nick Beckett Director & L-DCS Product Manager, Damarel

For ground handlers, airlines and airports, L-DCS is at the heart of operations of all shapes and sizes. From international airports with hundreds of check-in desks and millions of passengers, to small regionals with only a handful of positions, L-DCS provides exceptional passenger handling.

Available as a fully hosted or locally installed system, L-DCS helps organisations across the world deliver rapid, cost effective automated check-in and boarding to tens of millions of airline passengers every year. L-DCS delivers exceptional passenger processing.

Contact us now for details on how Damarel’s new L-DCS kiosk can help transform passenger self-service in your airport.

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