New Passenger Systems For Japan

Damarel is delighted to have been awarded a major contract to provide advanced middleware solutions for two critical applications to be used across airports in Japan for the two major carriers.

Our key technology will enable:

  • Rapid passenger document validation for airside access
  • Automated gate boarding for domestic flights

The fully integrated system simplifies and improves the passenger journey through the airports, helps scale to meet rising demand and eases pressure on resources and staff.

In partnership with Vision-Box, the trusted global provider of authentication and access control systems, e-Gates will control the transition of passengers from landside to airside in the terminal. At the boarding gate, e-Gates will be used to automatically board aircraft. This helps optimise the flow of passengers through the terminals and reduces the demands on gate staff, allowing them to concentrate on passenger service.

More than 50 airports throughout Japan, with over 800 gates and tens of millions of passengers every year will benefit from this innovative solution.

Vanguard/JP drives the electronic gates to control airside access, checking passengers’ boarding cards with the Passenger Reconciliation System (PRS) of each airline for a swift Go/No Go decision.

Gate/ZIP significantly enhances the boarding application on each airline’s DCS, transparently upgrading standard BGR support to drive electronic gates operating in unattended mode. This innovative solution helps reduce staff overheads, automates gate processes and speeds up boarding. The system also includes integration with cameras to allow the automated boarding of passengers with infants – one of the first implementations of its kind.

Both applications incorporate Damarel’s powerful Babel/ZIP middleware, our unique Zero Integration Platform that underpins many aviation products and enables Common Use.

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