Leipzig/Halle Airport Installs New L-DCS Kiosks!

Self-service check-in and bag drop kiosk for popular German airport

Leipzig/Halle Airport has transformed the passenger check-in and bag drop experience for many of their low-cost and charter airlines with the all new L-DCS kiosk from Damarel. These dedicated units add full check-in and bag drop capability for all L-DCS airlines, straight out of the box. No expensive and complicated infrastructure, no complex integrations – simple, easy and affordable.

Working closely with Damarel, airport services provider PortGround is the launch customer for these new generation kiosks. They add additional capacity for passengers, a real challenge at this busy airport serving two of the largest population centres in Saxony.

Passengers can now take full advantage of the flexibility self-service offers. These easy-to-use units deliver a simple, streamlined check-in and bag drop experience that speeds passengers through the airport. They reduce dwell times, remove bottlenecks and improve passenger satisfaction.

Thanks to the kiosks, Leipzig now also offers a valuable twilight check-in service. This is a huge benefit for travellers looking to check-in during the early hours before desks open.

An additional, welcome advantage has been the significant reduction in physical contact with airport services personnel. Staff can now interact and assist passengers from a safe distance. This is a vital part of the approach to safer aviation during the Covid-19 pandemic, and essential for ensuring confidence in both staff and passengers. Promoting safer interaction and social distancing is a key tool in aviation’s coordinated response to the pandemic.

In 2019, we made the decision to introduce self-service check-in kiosks at Leipzig/Halle Airport. This decision has been proven to be a good one, since especially under the Covid-19 circumstances passenger self-service and digital handling options have seen an increasing importance in airport operations. With Damarel – our main DCS provider – we found an experienced partner who was able to help us to complete this project successfully despite reduced flight programs.

Having self-service check-in kiosks available allows us to ensure smooth operations not only for scheduled services but also for charter flights, enhance the efficiency of our passenger handling processes, optimise our staff allocation planning, and improve productivity of passenger services while maintaining high service levels and quality for both passengers and airline customers alike. Specifically, the ability to control and manage the kiosks remotely enables us to further enhance productivity and improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Damarel’s valued input, experience and expertise have been highly beneficial during the whole project starting from designing and incorporating our needs until the final delivery and set-up at Leipzig/Halle Airport. During the whole process there has been a constant exchange of ideas between us and the supplier and we had many opportunities to integrate our ideas and needs into the design of the kiosks for which we are the launch customer of this Damarel product.

Johannes RömerDirector, Passenger Services, PortGround

For ground handlers, airlines and airports, L-DCS is at the heart of operations of all shapes and sizes. From international airports with hundreds of check-in desks and millions of passengers, to small regionals with only a handful of positions, L-DCS provides exceptional passenger handling.

Available as a fully hosted (SaaS) or locally installed system, L-DCS helps organisations across the world deliver rapid, cost effective automated check-in and boarding to tens of millions of airline passengers every year. L-DCS delivers exceptional passenger processing.

Contact us now for details on how Damarel’s new L-DCS kiosk can help transform passenger self-service in your airport.

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