L-DCS Becomes Part of Smart Airports Initiative in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea understands the importance of the aviation sector and has a clear ‘Smart Airports’ plan to deliver state-of-the-art modern facilities to support national growth. Through the National Airports Corporation (NAC), there is a clear push to develop and improve existing infrastructure to deliver lasting benefits.

Damarel is proud to help support this initiative, with our class-leading Local DCS chosen for passenger check-in and boarding at Jacksons International Airport (Port Moresby – POM), the gateway to Papua New Guinea. Locally installed, L-DCS demonstrates its versatility as both a primary and backup airline Departure Control System. The airport ground handlers use L-DCS to secure front line check in for a number of carriers, and as a backup system for others, in the event of an airline system outage.

POM is the largest and busiest airport in Papua New Guinea, where tourism is now a fast growing industry. With a very low entry and lifetime cost, L-DCS easily met the requirement for an easy to adopt airline Departure Control System, providing a simple, fast and cost-effective check-in, bag drop and boarding process.

For ground handlers, airlines and airports, L-DCS is at the heart of operations of all shapes and sizes. Available either locally installed or fully hosted, the user-friendly interface makes L-DCS simple to learn for agents and dramatically reduces training costs. Integrated productivity features and fast processing time keep Passenger Services running as smoothly as possible.

L-DCS helps handling agents deliver rapid, cost-effective automated check-in and boarding to tens of millions of airline passengers every year. L-DCS gives you exceptional passenger processing.

Damarel has been providing mission critical DCS for major airlines and international airport hubs since 1998.

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