Get it Right with FiNDnet Mobile

FiNDnet Mobile means you get it Right√

Give your ground staff the Right information, at the Right time. Get them to the Right place, with the Right equipment, at the Right time.

Traditional turnaround processes are reactive and rely on paper and voice-based communications, which obstruct efficiency and reduce productivity. In contrast, FiNDnet Mobile improves turn management, performance and resource utilisation through better communication and immediate service capture. FiNDnet Mobile complements your experienced staff and makes them more productive. With FiNDnet Mobile, duty managers can simultaneously manager up to FIVE turnarounds, rather than the normal ratio of one per aircraft turn.

Turnaround management facilities break the turn down into key events based on each carrier’s individual SLA. Monitoring on both the PDA and in the control centre allows for early corrective action and exceptional customer service. Your team captures all service delivery items at source, which removes revenue leakage and gives complete and accurate downstream billing. Timely recording also improves KPI reporting and reduces airline disputes.findnet-mobile2

On a day-to-day basis the benefits of the Mobile Solution are immense. You remove manual intervention from routine activities, eradicate back-office logging activities, record all tasks as they are carried out, reduce billing time and revenue leakage, and have immediate feedback and improved visibility for better operational awareness and staff utilisation.

FiNDnet Mobile is a device independent solution, available on Android and IOS operating systems, as well as the traditional ruggedised devices. It features an intuitive, integrated UI for easy interaction, and live WIFI and 3G communications with local activity sync should a blackout occur. This means proactive guidance and monitoring both on the PDA device and in the control centre, with full visibility of progress. Should there be an unplanned or disruptive event, as is common during a turnaround, the real-time communication between staff means greater operational awareness and faster remedial action can be taken.

FiNDnet Mobile delivers genuine improvements to your turn management process, dramatically reducing the delay between decisions being made and action being taken. It provides a smarter way of absorbing disruption to daily flight schedules. This improves both routine and unplanned tasks and results in better performance, with an enhanced airline and passenger experience.

Use FiNDnet Mobile to get it right √

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