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  • Plus ça Change!

    Damarel has delivered aviation IT systems for over 20 years and in that time we’ve seen plenty of changes. The most obvious is that air travel is much more accessible to people than ever before. The commodity approach may have eroded some of the glamour of flying, but the more egalitarian nature is good for […]

  • Get it Right with FiNDnet Mobile

    FiNDnet Mobile means you get it Right√ Give your ground staff the Right information, at the Right time. Get them to the Right place, with the Right equipment, at the Right time. Traditional turnaround processes are reactive and rely on paper and voice-based communications, which obstruct efficiency and reduce productivity. In contrast, FiNDnet Mobile improves […]

  • What links Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago and The Netherlands?

    FiNDnet Billing. International ground handler Swissport has recently rolled out FiNDnet Billing to 4 more airports as part of their global adoption strategy. FiNDnet Billing is now ready for use at Galeao Antonia Carlos Jibiam (Brazil), Piarco International (Trinidad), A N R Robinson International (previously known as Crown Point – Tobago) and Amsterdam Schiphol, along […]