FiNDnet Revenue Forecasting

Powerful Revenue Forecasting for Ground Handlers

FiNDnet Revenue Forecasting provides ground handling agents with powerful forecasting and ‘what-if’ scenario modelling of future revenues.

The budget process is complex and time consuming. The overheads involved lead to irregular and inaccurate forecasts. In an operation with a dynamic schedule, this causes unexpected revenue shortfalls and cash-flow problems.

  • FiNDnet Revenue Forecasting simplifies the entire process. It produces rapid, accurate financial forecasts, based on your latest airline schedules and contracts. You can run regular and accurate forecasts without the manual overhead.

    With comparisons against initial budget and live revenues, FiNDnet Revenue Forecasting gives early visibility of projected shortfalls both ahead of time and during the month.

    Ground handlers work in a volatile market in an industry with the tightest of margins. It pays to keep abreast of all eventualities and seek out the available opportunities.

Use FiNDnet Revenue Forecasting to model airline schedules and contracts at a station and customer level. Understand the impact of schedule changes and the revenue opportunities of contract adjustments.

Model prospective future business and re-run historical operational data through various contract scenarios for comprehensive ‘what-if’ insight.

Make sure you understand your financial future. Contact us now to see how FiNDnet Revenue Forecasting can help.

  • Features

    1. Schedule regular forecasts for automatic generation
    2. Compare budget, forecast and live revenues graphically
    3. Use dynamic data grids to further drill down into budget comparisons
    4. Create ‘projects’ to manage multiple forecasts and compare the outcomes
    5. Integration with FiNDnet Operations and Billing for data provision
    6. Create contract scenarios simply, by copying and amending live contracts
    7. Refine projections by estimating load factors and service provision
  • Benefits

    1. Rapidly generate budget expectations and near-term forecasts for any period
    2. Accurate revenue forecasts based on the latest schedules, activity estimates and service contracts
    3. Monitor revenues, identify any future shortfalls and take pre-emptive action
    4. Model contract scenarios to maximise contract values