What links Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago and The Netherlands?

FiNDnet Billingfindnet_billing. International ground handler Swissport has recently rolled out FiNDnet Billing to 4 more airports as part of their global adoption strategy. FiNDnet Billing is now ready for use at Galeao Antonia Carlos Jibiam (Brazil), Piarco International (Trinidad), A N R Robinson International (previously known as Crown Point – Tobago) and Amsterdam Schiphol, along with over 130 other stations. The project sees Swissport benefit from standardised airline billing procedures around their network, which improves the process and reduces overhead.

Did you know? FiNDnet Billing is one of the first systems to fully support IATA’s new IS-XML facility, the Integrated Settlement and paperless billing initiative. IS-XML provides a global standard for aviation billing, with simpler processes and full integration with ERP / financial systems providing benefits for ground handlers and airlines alike.

Regarded as an essential part of the FiNDnet Suite, FiNDnet Billing streamlines the production of e-invoices to airlines and slashes the effort required and the time taken to bill accurately for all the services provided by the Ground Handling Agent. One of the most heavily used systems in the industry, FiNDnet Billing will invoice over US$1.2 billion of ground handling services in 2015.

Do you suffer from revenue leakage? Ground Handlers often find they do not charge for all the services they provide – for example, they may be giving away inclusive minutes that are no longer applicable, or not applying contract sub-clauses. FiNDnet Billing stops revenue leakage and gives a real return on investment (ROI). It enables the electronic recording of operational services as they are carried out and provides complete and accurate billing against the contract, for increased revenue and reduced disputes. This rapid production and delivery of accurate invoices improves cash flow and eliminates the chance of human error.

A multi-station architecture also supports centralised billing, with a centre of excellence providing all billing functions for local stations. This removes the need for trained staff at the airport and promotes a huge economy of scale.

The FiNDnet Suite

FiNDnet Billing is part of the powerful FiNDnet Suite, a set of fully integrated tools designed specifically for ground handlers. The Suite delivers real time operations, turn management, service recording, resource planning and billing tools to help you efficiently manage your operation, reduce your overheads and increase your profits.

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