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Spring Conference Season Review

Damarel has had a very busy Spring Conference Season, criss-crossing the globe to take part in Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) in London, GHI Asia in Kuala Lumpur, IGHC in Madrid and GHI America’s in Panama. We would like to thank all the visitors who took time to visit us and discuss our Passenger Processing and Ground Handling software solutions. 

PTE saw huge interest in L-DCS, Babel ZIP and the FiNDnet suite of Turn Management tools. Over 20 years after its launch, L-DCS is still the subject of great interest at Industry Conferences – a testament to how the system has grown and adapted with the industry. Although the latest version might look a little different to the original system, it still provides the most cost-effective solution available for passenger check-in and boarding. Designed from the beginning to fit any size of operation, L-DCS has proven to be a class-leading robust, scalable and user-friendly system that is used world-wide. 

Now with installations at over 50 airports around the world, and handling tens of millions of passengers every year, L-DCS provides class-leading check-in and boarding to handling operations of all sizes. 

Babel/ZIP is a powerful middleware solution that enables native airline applications to run on Common Use Platforms without modification. For the airline, Babel/ZIP will immediately add support for all the major Common Use Platforms. While for the platform provider, Babel/ZIP opens the Common Use system up to native applications, and removes the need for the airline to redevelop existing applications. Adoption is easy, quick and far less costly than other options. 

FiNDnet was of particular relevance to ground handlers at all of the shows. A full aircraft turn management and automated billing system for ground handlers, FiNDnet delivers a fully integrated solution across the business. From initial schedule preparations through daily operations and turnaround management, on-day allocations and SLA monitoring to service recording and automated billing, FiNDnet drives your businessWith a great track record in reducing costs, improving performance and increasing revenues, FiNDnet is the tool for ground handlers. 

The latest FiNDnet module for staff Shift Optimisation proved incredibly popularStaff are the biggest cost for Ground Handlers; making best use of their time can dramatically improve financial performance. Paired with the Demand Planning module, this new addition to the suite saves management time and reduces the cost of overstaffing and the risk of understaffing. 

FiNDnet Demand Planning is the perfect solution for analysing your operational resource demandPrecise demand level charts are based on your Carrier Schedules and Engagement Standards and can include graphically visualisations of “what-if” scenarios. Ground Handling managers can accurately predict the required staffing levels to meet the operational demand for any operation. This avoids both the wasted cost of overstaffing and the serious impact on not delivering contractual services if understaffed. FiNDnet Demand Planning modules gives managers accurate and crucial statistical information about staff hours and shifts to match projected requirements. 

FiNDnet Shift Optimiser replaces the need for bespoke Excel-based solutions and reduces the overhead of generating shift patterns. It runs through millions of calculations for each resource type to generate optimal shift patterns for your staff. Easy-to-use, FiNDnet Shift Optimiser takes the misery out of shift planning.  

FiNDnet Shift Optimiser is a brand-new add-on module developed to make the planning of staff far easier and more cost effective. It is very easy to use and a vital tool for ground handling managers to help them reduce overheads, save time in staff planning and meet contracted SLAs.

Paul BrutonFiNDnet Product Manager, Damarel

It’s been a very busy period, but we had fun demonstrating our solutions to current and potential customers and listening to their feedback. We look forward to seeing some more new and old faces in the Winter Conference season at GHI Annual in Amsterdam and Future Travel Experience Asia in Singapore in November. 

It’s been a busy and very rewarding time. These Conferences are a great opportunity to catch up with others in the industry and to talk to face-to-face about the specific challenges facing them in their business. This helps us to tailor and perfect the solutions that Damarel offer. It’s not all hard work though and visiting the Panama Canal was fascinating. An amazing feat of engineering – a transport system now handling over four times the maximum capacity it was originally built for. Not so different from some of our airports today!

John BoultManaging Director, Damarel

Damarel has been providing mission critical software solutions for airport operations for 30 years. Contact us now to find out how we can help you maximise the potential of your operation.

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