SGS opt for FiNDnet Billing to complement INFORM’s GroundStar suite

Saudi Ground Services (SGS) are the leading ground handlers in Saudi Arabia. They provide the full range of ground services – from ramp to passenger – and operate at all commercial airports in the Kingdom.

SGS are implementing a whole range of state-of-the-art IT systems to keep them at the forefront of ground handling and ensure they continue delivering exceptional services to their airline customers. In partnership with INFORM, Damarel will implement the class-leading FiNDnet Billing aviation contract and billing solution. FiNDnet Billing will be fully integrated with INFORM’s GroundStar suite to automate the transfer of critical handling data for accurate and timely invoicing.

The seamless integration of FiNDnet Billing will streamline the production of invoices for SGS and dramatically reduce the time and effort required to accurately bill for all the services provided by SGS Agents. The combined solution will help improve cash flow and increase profit.

Damarel has been providing mission critical software solutions for airport operations for over 25 years. Used at over 150 airports worldwide, FiNDnet is a complete software solution. It helps ground handlers to coordinate, monitor and improve all aspects of their ground handling and ground operations. From schedule management and resource planning, through to service capture and billing, FiNDnet helps ground handlers worldwide to deliver exceptional service.

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