New – L-DCS Xpress!

Fast, affordable airline DCS for passenger check-in and boarding

Damarel L-DCS Xpress

If you thought an efficient automated DCS was out of your budget, think again. L-DCS Xpress is an affordable, established DCS that gives you everything you need to easily check-in and board your airline passengers.

Designed specifically for low volume airlines and point-to-point carriers, L-DCS Xpress will transform your passenger handling with a professional, reliable and easy to use system – without any unnecessary overheads.

Packed with features, L-DCS Xpress is ideal for developing aviation markets, regional airlines and the ground handlers that service them. Perfect for when you need to automate check-in, replace outdated systems or even comply with local legislation.

L-DCS Xpress is the new entry level for Damarel’s flagship Local DCS. For 20 years, L-DCS has established itself as the premier system for passenger check-in and boarding. With over 30 million passengers processed per year it is a system you can trust.

L-DCS Xpress makes quality passenger handling available to more users than ever, with simpler adoption and a keen focus on the specific needs of low volume operations.

With the heritage, reliability and simplicity of L-DCS, Xpress is a fully hosted solution that can be up and running for you in just a few days. It is very easy to learn and use, with minimal staff training required. Our straightforward lease contract, easy payment schedule and inclusive usage model gives you affordable access to class leading IT.

Cloud hosting removes the need for local equipment and makes connectivity via the internet a breeze. Even so, our dedicated DCS team will be on hand to guide you through the whole process and make sure things go smoothly.

As your business grows L-DCS Xpress will grow with you. If your requirements become more complex you can easily upgrade to L-DCS with no disruption to your passenger services. A truly affordable and future proof solution for fast, cost-effective airline check-in and boarding.

When it comes to ground handlers, airlines and airports, L-DCS is the heart of operations regardless of shape or size. L-DCS Xpress now makes this a reality for even the smallest operator.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can benefit from L-DCS.

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