Insight Provides Real-Time Operational Data

Damarel has been providing advanced systems for efficient passenger and flight handling for over 25 years, helping ground handlers and airlines world-wide deliver an exceptional service to their customers. L-DCS Insight

L-DCS is used by over 50 airlines to process tens of millions passengers worldwide every year. It is simple to learn and easy to use, with minimal training costs. Our increasingly popular hosted option for L-DCS is showing extremely strong growth, with passenger numbers increasing by 400% in the last year.

A hosted L-DCS enables an even faster rollout and minimises the costs and overheads of local IT. The ground handler is able to make use of their own and Damarel’s connectivity to all required back-end systems, such as Type-B, e-Borders and BRS. This Software as a Service (SaaS) option is perfect for Ground Handlers and Airlines who don’t want the time, expense and inconvenience of a locally installed solution.

L-DCS Insight

L-DCS Insight is our latest innovation. This gives senior staff real-time access to key operational data, daily progress and statistics in an easy-to-read graphical format. Insight can be accessed via a work station, smart phone or tablet, even as staff are walking around the airport. A rolling display gives information on flight boarding status, check-in activity and passenger figures, updated in real-time, along with key Business Intelligence statistics. The power of such instantly accessible key data enables instant decisions to be made based on accurate information. Insight is currently being rolled-out to all of our hosted L-DCS customers.

As Ground Handlers and Airlines face increasing numbers of passengers it is essential to have a robust, efficient, reliable and future proof DCS that can grow with airport. L-DCS is not only cost-effective to install, it also has an extremely low life-time cost. The technology doesn’t stand still. The system has been in use for many years helping our customers deliver effective and flexible passenger handling to their passengers, providing the best customer experience possible.

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