Ground Handling – Mobilise Your Workforce

You’re keeping control of large and complicated airport ramp operations. You’d like a clear and simple system to manage all your ground handling processes, yet how often do you feel let down by low-tech and disconnected solutions? Perhaps you are even badly served by overly complex systems that just add to the difficulties and pressures of your day to day job.

Those who have already installed FiNDnet Suite know the huge benefits that this powerful Operational Database can bring to a busy organisation. The integrated system is the most effective way to manage ground handling operations in real-time.

And now Damarel introduces the latest addition to the Suite.


FiNDnet Viewer will give you a clear overview of all your operational performance statistics and real time flight and performance information when you need it, wherever you need it. Designed to take full advantage of the latest smartphones and tablets, FiNDnet Viewer delivers concise, accurate data about your operation in real-time. You’ll always be on top of things and ready to make better decisions.

FiNDnet Viewer can be delivered to any mobile device, an approach that supports both corporate IT policies and BYOD users. Your data is available with a couple of swipes wherever you are.

Many hard working professionals in the industry have commented to Damarel that having access to data while on the move brings huge benefits to them and their business. FiNDnet Viewer makes it possible to keep in touch with operations with as much ease as reading your emails.

When you need to be as mobile as possible, you can stay connected to all your operations with FiNDnet Viewer.

Did you know?

In 2014 there are already over 1.5 billion smartphone users. Current estimates expect this number to increase to nearly 5 billion by 2017! The world is going mobile.

Contact us now to see what the FiNDnet Suite can do for you.

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