Could you be getting more from your boarding gates?

The limited number of boarding gates at airports has always been an issue that limits airport capacity. Dedicated gates further compounded the problem and became the original driver for the CUTE standard, allowing multiple airlines to share the same technology at fixed locations. Until recently though there has been little other progress.

While check-in capacity has been dramatically increased by self-service options, including kiosk, web and smartphone check-in, gate processes have remained largely the same. This has been dictated by the need to use existing shared equipment.

Damarel’s EMBARKmobile application looks to solve this problem. Since the launch of the comprehensive mobile boarding solution, Damarel has been spreading the word about how mobile technology can be used to increase the number and capacity of boarding gates.


The technology has to reflect the vision of the future – portable, nimble, scalable, responsive to change and, of course, cost-conscious. Mobile technology is the best way to deliver this and it is on the increase in the world’s airport terminals, whether large or small.

“We are committed to giving our customers solutions that enable them to use all the technology at their disposal, which is why our direction towards portable ways of working is so important,” says John Boult, Damarel’s Managing Director. “We have a very reliable and established set of products we are using as the foundation for our new, exciting mobile applications.”

The EMBARKmobile application for Android and Apple devices is set to be just the start of a mobile revolution at Damarel. “Working on mobile software is generating the same kind of excitement and invention that we had when Damarel started off around 25 years ago. With recent advances in wireless technology, it’s a great time to be creating new systems,” adds Boult.

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