Exeter adopt Aura – Airport Common Use System

Exeter International Airport is a thriving UK regional airport, serving a wide catchment area and exhibiting exceptionally strong passenger growth, year on year.

In order to support and facilitate that growth, Exeter Airport took the strategic decision to implement CUTE (Common User Terminal Equipment), and make full use of their limited number of check-in desks. By adopting Aura, Damarel’s low-cost CUTE solution for regional airports, Exeter ensured that every carrier could access their own DCS using common equipment, immediately freeing up desk space and increasing capacity.


Over time, as the size of the airport increased and new desks and gates added, Aura proved its flexibility, cost-effectively scaling up to meet increased usage and demand. Aura was also able to meet the changing demands of the airport, seamlessly adding support for new devices, such as OCR equipment for APIS capture, as the need arose.

With nearly one million passengers now using Exeter International every year, this is a great example of how Damarel can work with an airport to put in place the IT infrastructure necessary to maximise the potential of the airport.

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