dnata UK select FiNDnet again!

Damarel is delighted to announce that ground handler dnata UK has renewed their contract for FiNDnet at three major UK airports. This is a continuation of a long and successful relationship that has helped drive many innovations in Damarel’s premier Turn Management and Billing system.

dnata started using FiNDnet in the UK at London Heathrow in 2010, later extended to their new Manchester and London Gatwick operations. This renewal will ensure they continue to benefit from our comprehensive ground handling operations suite, fully hosted in Damarel’s UK data centre.

FiNDnet is designed specifically for ground handlers and provides an integrated suite of tools that covers the entire business process. It brings impressive results and provides dnata with operational control of their business – from initial schedule preparations through daily operations and turnaround management, SLA monitoring, service recording and automated billing.

The UK sites will continue to benefit from the broad range of options the FiNDnet Suite provides. The modules adopted include the core suite of Operations, Services and Billing, complemented by Demand Planning, Mobile and SLA.

FiNDnet makes it easy for dnata to track, monitor and analyse the flight services provided. It removes manual errors, duplication of effort and the missed recording and billing of services.

Damarel Managing Director, John Boult, said:

“It’s great that dnata UK has chosen to continue to use FiNDnet to coordinate their operations at these UK airports. dnata is an important member of our user community and has played an active part in driving innovation and product strategy. FiNDnet is a very powerful and scalable system that is invaluable to ground handlers in enabling them to provide an effective and efficient delivery of services to their customers. It has been used to record over 8 million flight movements already this year. Our community feedback makes sure we continue to deliver the tools ground handlers need now and in the future”.

John BoultManaging Director

Paul Bruton, FiNDnet Manager, said:

“FiNDnet is just about recognisable from the original Operational Database launched nearly 30 years ago. Originally designed simply to remove the overhead of manually transcribing messages between systems, FiND became FiNDnet – a complete suite of ground operations tools. What do the FiNDnet modules that dnata use actually do for them? I’ll explain how it fits together:

FiNDnet Operations, Services and Billing provide the core of dnata’s systems. The Operational database is central to managing the operation. Consolidating flight information from multiple feeds, Operations provides managers with a real-time view of their daily flight program.

Services is a secure mechanism to accurately record all under and over-wing services electronically, as they happen, to ensure they are not provided “free”. Service records are fed automatically into FiNDnet Billing, which streamlines the timely production of invoices. The result is a dramatic reduction in the manual effort required and time taken to produce accurate bills for all the services provided – improving cash flow and increasing profit.

Demand Planning provides clear statistical information to enable Managers to match projected requirements with resources. This ensures appropriate staffing levels to cover operational demand, avoiding costly over-staffing and the serious service impact of under-staffing.

Adding FiNDnet Mobile into the Suite further improves communications between managers, teams and individuals. It is a multi-purpose mobile workforce solution that is used to give proactive guidance and SLA monitoring on a PDA. When paired with Allocations, individuals and teams are automatically notified of their next assignments and can receive immediate feedback. This seriously reduces shuttle time and improves resource utilisation.

We have worked closely with dnata for many years, providing them with the latest ground and passenger handling services.”

Paul BrutonFiNDnet Manager

Damarel has been providing mission critical software solutions for airport operations for over 25 years. FiNDnet is a complete software solution helping ground handlers to co-ordinate, monitor and improve all aspects of their ground handling and ground operations.

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