Damarel Teams Up with IER to Secure Vagar Airport

Damarel and IER are proud to announce a new joint project to provide a complete system for passenger checkpoint security at Vagar Airport (FAE), Faroe Islands.

Vagar Airport, home to regional airline Atlantic Airways, will use Vanguard to secure the landside/airside boundary, automatically scanning and validating boarding passes presented at the new self-service security points.

Rapid validation of airport, home printed and mobile boarding passes authenticates documents instantly and prevents unauthorised airside access. Vanguard reduces human error, speeds passengers through the control points and frees staff to deal with other processes, such as image capture and security profiling.

Damarel has worked closely with IER to deliver a comprehensive and affordable passenger security solution that is suitable for airports of all sizes. With Vanguard and the self-service IER 710 SlimGate, passengers simply scan their own documents to gain authorised access to departure lounges.

For additional safety, the SlimGate includes tailgating and pass-back detection, all in a small-footprint, modern unit. It is also perfect for self-boarding and ready for future use with full-page passport scanning and biometric authentication.

Jakup Sverri Kass, CEO at Vagar Airport, said:

“Vagar Airport had been looking for the right provider of a gate installation and software. We met representatives from IER and Damarel at the Passenger Expo 2016 and after a little while we were convinced that IER and Damarel could provide us the right product to the right price. Being a small airport it is very important that the provider can be flexible – and IER and Damarel have been just that. It has been an easy affair in regards to negotiations, installment and implementation and the people from IER and Damarel have been well prepared and very easy to work with. We can absolutely recommend other smaller regional airports to work with IER and Damarel.”

Jakup Sverri KassCEO Vagar Airport

Vanguard also supports separate international and domestic channels, Common Travel Areas, biometric identification and touch points for those airports that require it. With Business Intelligence reports as standard, Vanguard delivers accurate information on passenger flow, dwell-time and route through airport.

“We were very happy to work again with IER on this new project for Vagar Airport, and deliver a cost-effective and expandable solution for a growing regional airport.”

James KellyBids & Proposals Manager, Damarel

Vagar handle more than 250,000 passengers annually, and Vanguard will enhance their airport security and enable them to take full advantage of the self-service revolution both now and in the future.

Damarel and IER are long-standing partners in the development of self-service solutions. Together we provide airports with efficient, cost-effective systems that minimise CAPEX and enable future expansion.

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