Damarel Passenger Handling Software Stands The Test Of Time

Damarel has been providing advanced systems for efficient passenger and flight handling for over 25 years, helping ground handlers and airlines world-wide deliver an exceptional service to their customers. And our solutions are proven to stand the test of time, as both long term partnerships and new customers serve to illustrate.

Contract Extensions

ADA Macau

A valued partner, ADA at Macau International Airport has been using Damarel software at the site for over 15 years. They have confirmed they will continue to use L-DCS, Babel and Embark for a further another 3 years.

Cynthia Lee, Passenger Services Manager of Menzies Macau said:

“We have been a customer for a number of Damarel’s passenger handling products since 2001 and are very happy with the software they have supplied to us for use at Macau International Airport. It has proved to be reliable, cost-effective and easy to use, with regular updates ensuring we always have latest features available. They have also proved willing to accommodate any enhancements that we have requested, and their help desk is always efficient and helpful, quickly responding to any queries or requests we may have. We look forward to continuing to work with Damarel in the future.”

Cynthia LeePassenger Services Manager of Menzies Macau

Use of L-DCS at Macau has increased steadily over the past 5 years, with new airlines being handled on the system all the time:


Cambodia Airports 

Equally, Cambodia Airports have been using L-DCS, Babel, Embark and Lodestone at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap for 7 years. We are delighted to announce that they have decided to extend their contract for a further 5 years.

New Customers

We are also pleased to welcome aboard a number of new customers:

  • Shandong Airlines are now using Babel and Embark for check-in and boarding at Delhi
  • Air Busan are using Babel and Embark at Guam
  • Qantas Airways are using L-DCS for their flights from Las Vegas

L-DCS, Embark, Babel and Lodestone have proven themselves over time, but they don’t stand still. We continually review our products and listen to our customers’ requirements to ensure that we provide the most up-to-date and efficient software solution possible.

L-DCS helps ground handlers deliver cost-effective automated check-in and boarding. First delivered to McCarren International Airport (Las Vegas) in 1997, where it is still used, L-DCS has proved to be a reliable, scalable and user-friendly system that is the premier DCS of its kind.

Embark was the first truly generic automated boarding application, providing rapid and secure gate handling. Developed in 1995, and installed at San Francisco International Airport later that year, Embark provides a single, easy-to-use GUI that significantly reduces boarding times and promotes on-time departures with instant Board/No Board decisions.

Babel is a flexible, powerful and widely supported Graphical User Interface for airline DCS passenger check-in. It provides a simple common language facility that replaces green screen emulators with an easy-to-use Windows® interface. Developed in 2000 for 4 airlines operating on the new CUTE system about to be installed at London Heathrow Airport, Babel is now installed in 200 different airports and processes hundreds of millions of passengers every year.

Lodestone is accurate, easy to use and cost-effective aircraft load control software. With LodeStone load controllers perform safe and fuel efficient Weight & Balance, for single stations or as a CLC. Designed specifically for use on commercial passenger flights, Lodestone supports both bulk loading for narrow bodied aircraft and containerised loading for wide bodied aircraft.

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